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September 28, 2019

Hello friends, 

Today is the reveal day, some of you has been too nosey digging after who is the new USA store manager but the wait is over. Before I announce her name, let me first tell you what you have done! Swedish House Crafts is nominated for the category of Best E-TailerI am so thrilled, happy, and I can be happier if I win. If you see this post you helped put me in the nominations - can I now ask you to go to this link and VOTE for SHC NOW! go, go, gooo..

Now to our lovely sweet news, please say hi to our own 

SHC USA Store Manager

Hello, my name is Jacqueline Klueh and I am so excited to be part of Swedish House Crafts and Magnolia-licious. I am looking forward to managing the US store. I can't even put into words just how excited I am to worth with Suha Hazboun, who is a brilliant business woman and very talented artist. I truly enjoy working with crafters. I started with oil painting and graphic design, and later I got into making journal and scrapbook pages. For the past seven or years, I have been making cards and dabbling in mixed media. My children at home, ranging from 15 months to eighteen years old. As you can imagine, life is very interesting. I know that the products that Swedish House Crafts carry will be widely received in the US. I look forward to seeing all the creations that new and current customers make and post on Swedish House Crafts Lounge and Magnolia-licious Facebook pages. You can follow me on Instagram, creativepapercrafting and on my Facebook page at Creative Paper Crafting with Jacquie Again, I look forward to getting to know all of you.

Thank you Jacqueline for becoming part of SHC family, I promise you lots of work and lots of fun! I know the US is a some hundred times bigger craft platform than UK but UK will always support you though. 

What about the store? I am working on the stock to be shipped to Jacqueline within next week. Delivery delays forced me to wait, such as the fabulous Lady dies which are always out of stock and we have to wait for more to be delivered at all times, they are unique so we understand. There will be lots of foamiran for flower making lovers with all accessories. Magnolia stamps of course are on top of the list. The chance they arrive earlier than they ever been will be in focus too. Magnolia Sweden is back on track after the unpleasant experience they went through the past year. So we are all excited about the news! We will have new brands you didn't hear of before too, of course exclusive to Swedish House Crafts USA. 

Magnolia-licious is going to live its glory with kudos to Diana Crick the founder. It is the American home for Magnolia Sweden and will take its original status! More about beloved Magnolia-licious will come on eventually after the store is up and running shortly.

I know there is lots to take in, so let's take it one step at a time, or let's load up Jacqueline with it all and I go grab my cup of coffee...

The boring paperwork for the store is almost done now, while Jacqueline and I are working on the store itself which include the design, the product listing, the pricing, the shipping cost, the taxes, the accounting... It is a bit of a challenge to finish it in short time without missing bits here and there but then we thought it is a good idea if you like to be the inspector and tell us about it at all times, at the end of the day, it is yours.

Keep looking for more news soon...

If you have any question, suggestion or any enquiry, at the moment the email is still

Thank you all for the tremendous support! Without you all, I can't do it!

Cheers from me,
Suha Hazboun

Swedish House Crafts is the wholesaler and retailer for Paper Nest Dolls in UK and Europe. For wholesale enquiries, please visit: If you have any questions please contact:

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