Dr. Monday MD #24

August 18, 2014

Welcome to Dr. Monday MD #24!
WHY the MD?  For Mini Magnolias and Dies!!

For three Mondays of every month DT gals Barb Hardeman will bring you a Mini Magnolia project and Patti Jo Skogquist will be showing off her terrific die-work!  
So check back every Monday to see what these talented ladies have to show you!!  

They are sure to DOCTOR some fun up every Monday! 


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  1. Oh, wow!!!
    Barb and Patti's creations are gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Hugs, Donna x

  2. Very beautiful creations! Great ideas! :) xx

  3. Both these cards are gorgeous. I love to see Barb's projects and Patti Jo does wonders with the dies. Terrific job gals. Hugs Maz

  4. Beautiful cards. Creative ideas and designs. Lovely flowers arrangement. So inspiring.
    Lidya (Cloud's project)

  5. Never fail to inspire on this blog, well done.
    Jane x