Thursday November 16th - Foamiran Pointsettia Tutorial

November 16, 2017

Today we are sharing with you a tutorial using the new Stencils at Magnolia-licious.

1. Use a stencil to draw a shape of a smaller leaf on the Foamiran. You can use a toothpick, BBQ stick or anything with a pointy end.

2. This way we have a very clear shape of a leaf on the Foamiran.

3. Time to cut it out.

4. For this card, I need a smaller flower, so smaller leaf. I have to cut off in the place shown on the photo.

5. Now I am using my leaf as a template for more leaves.

6. For one flower, I'll need 8-9 leaves.

7 & 8. It is easy to cut a few leaves at once.

9. I am using a leaf mold to add texture to my leaf. To achieve a nice texture, place the leaf on the iron first (or heat with a heat tool, but don't burn the foamiran) for a few seconds, place it on the mold and press. After a few seconds you will have leaf veins on your foamiran leaf.

10. Fold leaf in half and stretch a bit at the top of it.

11. Time to stick the leaves together. I am using the hot glue, only on the photo, you can see the craft glues as I wanted to show you exactly where to apply the glue.

12. The black line shows you where the glue goes.

13. Here I have the first layer of my flower. I usually use 5-6 leaves for it.

14. For the second layer I use 3 leaves (petals). Cut them slightly smaller to go in the center of my flower. In the middle I am using Stamens or other flower centers.
To achieve colored leaf veins on the light Foamiran, I ink the mold before pressing the leaf into it.

 Now you can add gesso or glitter to finish your flower.

Aren't these flowers gorgeous?!
Shawn has all the supplies needed to make these flowers in the store!

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope you try your hand at making these gorgeous flowers!

Tutorial Credit to Ewa

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