Wednesday Dec.6th - Foamiran Wednesday

December 06, 2017

We are in for a treat today! Ivy has created the cutest little card/decoration using Magnolia Stamps and Foamiran! She has also created a step by step tutorial for us! I can't believe how beautiful this is! I am truly blown away by the creativity on our Design Team. This is Ivy's first post featuring Foamiran. We will be featuring this every Wednesday.

Here is the tutorial for you,

Cut 2 of the larger template and 1 of the small template. You can use the Whimsy Stamps Poinsettia Die but at this moment in time I haven’t got them. If you have any poinsettia dies, you can do the same 

Use a craft iron or normal iron and mine is on Cotton setting, each iron may vary so it’s best to test it first. The petal will curl, then I do a concertina fold and roll it between my fingers

 Continue to do this to all the petals and they will look like this 

Then I gently unfold the petal only on the wider part and use a ball tool on a sponge and press until it looks like this 

 Do this to all the petals


Put a drop of hot glue to the centre - domed petals up - and off-set the next petals on top and the same to the smaller petals.

Use a 5mm ball tool or a wooden stick and press down on a sponge

Then I used a pokey tool to make a hole in the centre for the stamens 

I used about 10 double-head stamens and pushed them through 

I put hot glue on the back side of stamens to secure them and trimmed off the excess stalk. You can have your poinsettia as it is. I made mine shabby by adding some glitter paint but it’s optional, it’s my style 😊

Hope you like them.

Ivy, we love your poinsettias, thank you so much for the step out totorial! If you are interested in purchasing any of the items needed to make these gorgeous flowers, I will post links below.

Shawn has so many different colours of foamiran in stock now, and some beautiful new berries and micro bead stamens! Have a look.

Have a beautiful day and thank you for stopping by,

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