Welcome to Our New Inspiration Challenge

January 24, 2011

Hello everyone in Magnolia-land - happy Monday evening! I hope you are all just great for this time of year :o)

**Big Congratulations to Lady Diana and her DH! They welcomed a new grandson on Saturday!!! Isn't that awesome :o) A little brother for their granddaughter.
Big huge wishes for the little guy, that he has a fantastic and long life ahead.**

*On a sad note I am sorry to tell you that both Chrissy Le and Maria Cossa-Rossi are no longer able to be on our Design Team because of serious health issues within their families.
We are all sad to say goodbye to them as we loved them and their work so very much.
I would like to wish them both all the best and let them know that we are all praying for their situations.*

Now on to our reason for being here!

I am so HAPPY to see 60 entries in our last colour challenge!! That is the second largest amount we have had!!! I am thrilled that so many of you are having fun playing with us :o)
WOW the cards were awesome once again.There were some really different ideas submitted both in shapes and folds. I was so excited to see how many of you are 'thinking outside the box'! What fun it was to visit each of you and find what you had made.

So Mr. Linky had some work to do again tonight!
He has been hiding for a while but was out in form to pick us a new winner.
The person who has won a fabulous $25.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE is...............

Number : 49


*Please send Diana an email to: - to find out how to collect your prize and then go shopping for some fabulous new MAGNOLIA STAMPS!

I am sure you remember that it is CABIO's month for picking Challenges for us.
She picked a beautiful picture for our Inspiration this month:
At first it seems a quiet peaceful scene and you might wonder what you can make..........but once you study it for a while you see lots of things within it that you can use for ideas.

Just take a look at what your wonderful Design Team has come up with this time!!!

Now I know you are all ready to make those cards. I was astounded to see how quickly the first one popped onto the blog for the Colour Challenge, so am expecting new cards almost immediately * grin.

Once again 'dear Diana' is offering a wonderful prize:
I know none of us has all the Maggies we would like, so please play along with us and be the winner of this fab gift!!
Till next time ~

Our First Challenge of the NEW YEAR!

January 10, 2011

Hello girls! Happy 'Magnolia' New Year!

Hope you all had a nice Christmas and got through the holidays safely.
Now it's back to having fun with our awesome Magnolia images again, right?

Even though it was Christmas holidays we had another whopping 33 entries for our last Inspiration Challenge!! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have so many of you participate!!
Your cards were full of different ideas! Some so delicate in their almost complete white. We enjoyed everyone of them.

The winner of this Challenge is going to receive a $25.00 Gift Certificate from Diana at her store!!!!

I have put Mr. Linky to work and he has picked our winner...........#30



*Dee if you would email Diana at: - she will let you know how to claim your prize!!!*
Have fun picking out your new stamps :o)

As this is the second Tuesday of the month we have a new Colour Challenge and this time our sweet Cabio from the Design Team has chosen the colours and given us a lovely picture for inspiration.
The colours Cabio has picked are ORANGE and GREEN.
Here is the picture she has given us to work from:

As usual your Design Team has done some great work for you.
I won't hesitate to show them to you right now!!

Chrissy : is still away with illness in her family

Maria: is away with illness in her family

Aren't they awesome? Don't forget you can click on the name right above each card and it will take you to each personal blog where you can find more pictures and information on how they were made :o)

So! Are you all ready to get those new cards made and entered? Cause we are sure excited to see them....

Remember that our WONDERFUL DIANA will be presenting the winner with another gift certificate!!
When you love Maggies - you always want more :o)

Please be sure to follow the rules in our sidebar.
To entre our challenge click on the link at the bottom of this post and add the picture of your card there!
Can't wait to see what you all come up with this time!